The story of our kennel

I am Attila Félix Mihalek and live in Budapest with my family.
I would like to tell You briefly how we chose that wonderful species and why we started to raise them. Since my childhood I love dogs. Specially I dreamt about one species but I have never got it. It was the German shepherd. I was just fantasizing that once I would have it.
But man proposes God disposes.
Because of my job I walk around a lot and once it happened in 2007 that I saw a fila brasileiro puppy.
This was the end!
It was love at first sight.
I went home and told it to my partner (Orsolya Pákozdy).
This is how all began. We started to read about the species and we were planning that someday we would have this kind of dog. Then we found a kennel nearby where there were some puppies. We thought that first we just have a look at them but this is not what happened. We took a little fila girl (Bonita Royal Ville du Jardint) home who became the apple of the family’s eyes. Unfortunately she could not stay among us for a long time. She was one and half year old when the deadly disease took her. Then we thought that we would never have any more dogs but our desire was greater then our grief. This species can give so much joy and love so finally we decided not to live without them. We started to look around. There was no litter nearby, so we looked round in other countries as well.
By the help of my sister we found a breeder in Spain. He was Inigo Moneo Lopez, the owner of the Tamajon kennel, who had a beautiful female puppy for sale. We were thinking for a couple of days and then we found ourselves at the airport waiting for her. Fortunately she was as phenomenal in live as we had seen her on picture. Her parents’ pedigree is full of with a lot of filas from famous Brazilian kennels (SAO JOSE DA LAPA, DA LAPINHA, DO TRIPUI, DO CARAMONA). Of course, that time we did not take note of it. The most important thing was that the tiny tot would be healthy. Of course, we were glad that her father was Brazilian, but that time we were not interested in anything else. We started to go to dog shows with her and we achieved more and more results that you can find on our website. She is a very good temperamental dog; however, she is very well socialized. We traveled with her all the neighbouring countries. She is already 3.5 years old. After these very nice results we thought it was time to find a similarly successful pair for her.
Our first litter with seven beautiful male puppies was born in 2011. 2 puppies remained with the family and for the rest we found appropriate owners. I hope they will find a lot of pleasure in the puppies as well. This is how we started on the rugged path of breeding. Still many difficulties ahead of us, but I think after a lot of joy and nice dogs it is worth everything.
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